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Equipment Rental in Culver City, California

When you need machinery and need it real quick to keep your construction project on track,you cannot of course buy heavy construction equipment outright. In such cases,it makes perfect sense to go with a construction equipment rental in Culver City, California

Yes, you can have heavy construction equipment at your disposal,right from dozers and excavators to forklifts and everything else on a job-to-job basis.

There is no capital investment involved and it is possible to get started in as little as a day or two no matter where you are in California. We have a network of construction equipment vendors in Culver City, California and that supply of the smallest and largest of construction equipment.

Getting started is easy. You can dial our toll free number right away and learn more about how this rental service works. You can also fill out the contact form and we will get back to you in no time.

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Komatsu Excavators PC5500-6
PC5500-6 Mining Shovel

The 1.1 million pound PC5500-6 Features two 1260 hp diesel motors. If a mine would prefer to use electrical power, the PC5500-6 can be equipped with two electric motors instead of diesel. Like smaller Komatsu mining excavators, backhoe or shovel fronts can be fitted to the PC5500-6.

Diesel Drive
The integrated engine oil & filter system combining the oil stabilizing systems, Reserve and Centinel, with the Eliminator self cleaning oil filter extends, with oil analysis, the oil change interval to 4000 hours. (not available in Australia)
Model 2 x Komatsu SDA12V159E-2
Type 4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection
Aspiration Turbocharged and aftercooled
Number of cylinders 12
Rated power @ 1800 rpm (SAE 1995/J1349) 2 x 1,260 HP 2 x 940 kW
Controller/Monitoring Quantum
Electrical System
System 24 V
Batteries (series/parallel) (diesel version) 2 x 6 x 12 V
Alternator 2 x 100 A
Standard working lights 8 Xenon Lights
Standard service lights 14 lights
Hydraulic System
The power train consists of two main drives. Diesel engines or electric motors can be supplied. Each connected to a gearbox and 3 identical main pumps which draw hydraulic oil from an unpressurized hydraulic tank. Open circuit hydraulics provide maximum cooling and filtering efficiency.The four-circuit system features a load-limiting governor with oil delivery summation to the working circuits and incorporates pressure cut-off control. Hydropilot prioritizes hydraulic flow giving smooth hydraulic response, simple hydraulic system layout, and a reduced number of components. Filtration is at the oil intake to pumps, valve blocks, heat exchangers and the oil tank.
Rated flow (total output) 1110 gpm 4200 ltr/min
Relief valve setting 4,495 psi 310 bar
Swing flow rate 185 gpm 700 ltr/min
High pressure in line filtersone per pump located at the valve blocks 200 microns
Full flow return line filters (10 double elements)(at head of hydraulic tank) 10 microns
Case drain/by-pass return line filters 3 microns
Drives and Brakes
Travel control 2 foot pedals
Gradeability Up to 50%
Travel speed (maximum) 1.4 mph 2.1 km/h
Service brake Hydraulic
Parking brake Wet, multiple-disc
Cooling System
The high capacity engine radiators are cooled by hydraulically driven fans for superior cooling efficiency and require little maintenance. The hydraulic system includes four large swing-out vertical air-to-oil hydraulic coolers with temperature-regulated hydraulically driven fans.
Swing System
Hydraulic motors and drives 2
Swing brake, service Hydraulic
Swing brake, parking Wet, multiple disc
Swing ring teeth External
Swing speed (maximum) 3.1 rpm
Electric Drive
Type 2x Squirrel-cage induction motor
Power output 2 x 900 kW
Voltage 6600 V*
Amperage (approximate) 215 A
Start-up Soft start each motor in succession
Frequency (standard) 50 Hz @ 1500 rpm
Optional frequency 60 Hz @ 1800 rpm
Undercarriage consists of one center carbody and two track frames, each side attached by 80 high torque bolts.
Center frame H-type
Track frame Steel box-section
Track adjustment Automatic hydraulic type
Number of shoes 46 each side
Number of top rollers 3 each side
Number of bottom rollers 7 each side
Automatic Centralized Lubrication
Two hydraulically powered Lincoln single line automatic lubrication systems are provided as standard, complete with time and volume variable controls. Activity and malfunction events are linked to the ECS.The central lube grease system is supplied from a refillable 300 liter / 80 gal. container. A second, identical system supplies open gear lubricant to the swing ring teeth through a lube pinion. Replenishment of the containers is through the service center.
Service Refill Capacities
Hydraulic oil tank 1,000 U.S. gal 3800 ltr
Hydraulic system 1,585 U.S. gal 6000 ltr
Fuel 2,853 U.S. gal 10800 ltr
Engine coolant 2x 95 U.S. gal 2x 360 ltr
Engine oil 2x 50 U.S. gal 2x 190 ltr
Centinel engine oil make up tank 2x 153 U.S. gal 2x 580 ltr
Vehicle Monitoring System
The Electronic Control System (ECS) digital diagnostic system, mounted in the operator's console, provides a text display of realtime and stored information about the operating systems of the machine. Non-serious and critical faults are immediately announced, and for major malfunctions the engines are also shut down. The integrated digital storage provides full event history, which can be downloaded with a laptop computer. The ability to electronically record service events provides precise service information to assist in reducing downtime.
The large welded steel cab is mounted with 18 viscous damping pads and sound insulated.It is equipped with automatic climate control and is pressurized. The operator's seat is fully adjustable, air suspended, electrically heated and has a lap seat belt. Trainer's seat included.Low effort joystick controls are electric over hydraulic and foot controls are for front shovel clam, crawler and swing brake.Full instrumentation and Electronic Control System (ECS) are provided. Space in the console is provided for an additional monitor. AM/FM radio is included. The dual windshield wipers have two-speed and intermittent operation (water reservoir 7 liters 1.8 gal.). Amenities include a wash basin with running water (water reservoir 50 liters 13 gal.), refrigerator, and storage cabinets. Powered mirrors are adjustable from inside the cab.
There are left and right-hand sliding windows. All windows are tinted parsol green. External metal louvers are provided on the cab side windows.
Cab engineering standards are:
ISO 3449 Falling Objects Protection Structure (FOPS) Level 2
ISO 6396 Noise in operator's cab is 76dB(A)
Air conditioner 34,120 Btu/hr 10 kW
Heater/Defroster (Diesel version) 34,120 Btu/hr 10 kW
Heater/Defroster (Electric version) 40,940 Btu/hr 12 kW

Komatsu Excavators PC210LC-10 Super Long Front

PC210LC-10 Super Long Front

Take one of the most popular and productive excavators in the world, add a long front and you've got an incredibly versatile machine with a huge working range. The functions and operations are that of the standard excavator but with a wide variety of ditch cleaning and general purpose buckets for dredging, cleaning and sloping applications.

  • The details in this specification brochure are based on Dash 8 and Dash 10 models as indicated. Some attachments may be installed on prior models but specifications may vary. Contact Young Corporation for details.
  • Variations to the specifications in this brochure can be designed and produced in accordance with customer requirements by contacting Young Corporation with details.
  • SUPER LONG FRONT ATTACHMENTS are designed for “LIGHT DUTY" work only. Excavating work or heavy hoisting may result in side loads and other activities that will damage the machine.
  • Disassembly may be required due to transport restrictions.
  • Illustrations may include optional equipment.
  • Operating weights include additional counterweight when required.

When selecting a Scissor Lift Rental unit in Winterthur, there is a multitude of factors that need attention. Just knowing the weight of the objects to be carried by the forklift is not enough. You must also determine the lift height, calculate the required turning radius, and also pay attention to the benefits of renting over purchasing.

But as simple as these things may sound, the process is complicated. Many managers may have to rely upon opinions given by forklift operators. Alternately, you can seek advice from experts at HeavyRentals.Equipment. We have an experienced team on board who can match you against the best Scissor Lift Rental companies in Winterthur. They can give you an accurate idea of the capacity of the different brands and their machines.

We make it more convenient for our clients to get access to reliable Scissor Lift Rental in Winterthur. We do this in two simple ways - depending upon your requirement, we can ask some pre-screened vendors in your area to get in touch with you, or we can provide you with their contact details, and help you establish direct contact with them. You choose!

We have a network of vendors with presence in more than 5,000 US locations. So, irrespective of how varied your forklift requirements are or where you are located, we may be able to help you out.

When you hire forklift for rental from one of our dealers, you can be rest assured that it follows all safety standards, and has been thoroughly inspected. Our vendors also offer a pick-drop-service for forklifts.

The right forklift can greatly enhance your efficiency and a wrong decision can be a waste of time and money. Don't take that chance and call our experts right away. We will offer you the best-suited advice for your business. With our help, you will be able to choose the best Scissor Lift Rental company in Winterthur in no time.

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