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Construction Equipment Rental in Eastham, Massachusetts

Do you need to supplement your core fleet or are in need of a vendor who can provide you with everything from the simplest of construction supplies such as shovels to heaviest of machines such as excavators?

If so, you’ve just landed on the right page. We represent the biggest network of heavy construction equipment rental service providers in the region and no matter how small, big or varied your requirements for construction equipment in Eastham are, we will comfortably meet them!

We like to exceed the expectations contractors have from us and we’ve been doing that through our premier services for a long time now!

Pick your phone and call the toll free number right away to get started. No obligations attached! You can also fill out the quick online form on the right and we will get in touch with you for a quick discussion at the earliest.

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Komatsu Forklift DX50 Series
DX50 Series IC Pneumatic

The DX50 IC Pneumatic features Komatsu's designed and manufactured diesel engine, drive-train and wet disc brake system that all provide rugged and dependable life cycle cost benefits. A full suspension seat and dual-floating structure provide operator comforts that improve efficiencies and productivity. A unique Open-center Load Moderating Hydraulic System (OLMS) contributes to lower fuel consumption and lower total operating costs.

Power Type Diesel Diesel
Operation Type Sit-Down Sit-Down
Capacity @ 24 in. (600mm) Load Center 15,400 lbs 18,000 lbs
Load Distance From Center Axle (2 Stage) 23 in 25 in
Wheelbase 90.6 in 90.6 in
WEIGHT FD70T-10 FD80T-10
Service Weight 20,380 lbs 24,050 lbs
Axle Loading Loaded Front 31, 590 lbs 36,520 lbs
Loaded Rear 4,220 lbs 5,170 lbs
Unloaded Front 8,210 lbs 9,410 lbs
Unloaded Rear 12,170 lbs 14,640 lbs
TIRES FD70T-10 FD80T-10
Tire Type Pneumatic Pneumatic
Tire Size Front 8.25 - 15 - 14PR (I) 8.25 - 15 - 18PR (I)
Rear 8.25 - 15 - 14PR (I) 8.25 - 15 - 18PR (I)
Number of Wheels, Front/Rear 4x / 2 4x / 2
Tread Front 57.9 in 60.6 in
Rear 64.6 in 64.6 in
Tilting Angle, Forward/Backward 6 / 12 deg 6 / 12 deg
Mast Height Lowered 101.8 in 106.7 in
Extended 171.3 in 171.3 in
Free Lift Height 8.7 in 8.7 in
Maximum Fork Height 118 in 118 in
Height Overhead Guard 96.1 in 96.1 in
Length, with Standard Forks 188.4 in 192.5 in
Length to Fork Face 140.4 in 144.5 in
Overall Width at Drive Tires 78 in 80.7 in
Forks, Thickness x Width x Length 2.6 x 5.9 x 48 in 2.6 x 6.7 x 48 in
Carriage Width/ITA Class 66.5 in / IV 70.9 in / IV
Ground Clearance, Under Mast 8.7 in 9.3 in
Ground Clearance, Center of Wheelbase 11.6 in 11.6 in
Right Angle Stacking Aisle 154.9 in 160.8 in
Turning Radius, Outside 131.9 in 135.8 in
Travel Speed, Loaded - 1st/2nd 6.8 / 18 mph 6.8 / 16.2 mph
Travel Speed, Unloaded - 1st/2nd 7.5 / 19.3 mph 7.5 / 19.3 mph
Lifting Speed, Loaded/Unloaded 89 / 98 fpm 79 / 89 fpm
Lowering Speed, Loaded/Unloaded 94 / 98 fpm 91 / 98 fpm
Maximum Drawbar Pull, Loaded 9,890 lbs 9,890 lbs
Maximum Gradeability 29% 24%
Service Brake, Operation/Control Foot / Hydraulic Foot / Hydraulic
Parking Brake, Operation/Control Hand / Mechanical Hand / Mechanical
Steering Type FHPS FHPS
DRIVE FD70T-10 FD80T-10
Engine Manufacturer / Engine Model Komatsu SAA4D95LE-5-A Komatsu SAA4D95LE-5-A
Rated Output (SAE Net) 93 HP @ 2,250 rpm 93 HP @ 2,250 rpm
Maximum Torque (SAE Net) 253 lb-ft @ 1,600 rpm 253 lb-ft @ 1,600 rpm
# of Cylinders / Displacement 4 / 199 cu in 4 / 199 cu in
Fuel Tank Capacity 37 US Gallons 37 US Gallons
OTHER FD70T-10 FD80T-10
Relief Pressure, Maximum 2,600 psi 2,600 psi

Finding the latest, well-maintained and completely tested equipment, whether for lifting goods at a warehouse or at construction sites is not exactly easy. We know that contractors and business owners face this problem time and again when the need boom lifts on rent in Dewey Beach or elsewhere.

It was for solving these problems that HeavyRentals.Equipment platform was created! Today, we are proud of the fact that we service thousands of locations all across the United States including Dewey Beach.

So, the next time you need electric, diesel or gas boom lifts on rent in Dewey Beach, you can always count on HeavyRentals.Equipment!

You can always expect prompt delivery service, flexible rental duration options, and even site inspections (if that's required). In case there are any urgent callouts, we are here to make emergency services available as well.

Please call us at the number listed above or fill up the inquiry form available, here at HeavyRentals.Equipment. You'd be able to glance through the best deals on boom lift rentals within few hours, instead of having to spend several days of your precious time on calling up and filtering out numerous rental companies.

New Holland Skid Steer Loader L213

Skid Steer Loader - L213

New Holland Skid Steer Loader model features radial-lift boom geometry, with the boom connected directly to the frame for outstanding pushing and excavating power. Maximum reach is achieved at roughly eye level during operation, making it ideal for loading and unloading flatbed trucks and trailers.

Manufacturer/model ISM / N844L
Bore/stroke, in (mm) 3.31 x 3.94 (84 x 100)
Displacement, in3 (L) 135.2 (2.216)
Fuel injection Indirect
Air intake Naturally aspirated
Horsepower per SAE J1349 Gross hp (kW) 49 (36) @ 2800 rpm
Horsepower per SAE J1349 Net hp (kW) 46 (34) @ 2800 rpm
Peak torque, lb-ft (Nm) 105.5 (143) @ 1800 rpm
Power Train
Travel speed, low range, mph (km/h) 7.4 (11.9)
Travel speed, high range (optional), mph (km/h) NA
Bucket hinge pin, in (mm) 112 (2845)
Top of ROPS, in (mm) 75.5 (1919)
Bottom of level bucket, fully raised, in (mm) 105.6 (2682)
Overall length without attachment with coupler, in (mm) 95.9 (2435)
Dump angle, degrees 40°
Dump reach (max height), in (mm) 18.5 (469)
Rollback, bucket on ground, degrees 26°
Rollback, bucket at full height, degrees 95°
Wheelbase, in (mm) 37 (941)
Ground clearance (bottom of belly pan), in (mm) 7 (178)
Angle of departure, degrees 22°
Clearance circle without bucket, in (mm) 48.7 (1237)
Clearance circle rear, in (mm) 56.4 (1433)
Rear axle to bumper, in (mm) 33.8 (858)
Overall width, in (mm) 59.8 (1518)
Hydraulic System
Pump flow, Standard Flow, gpm (Lpm) 17.5 (66.2)
Relief pressure, psi (bar) 3046 (210)
Optional high flow, gpm (Lpm) -
Performance Specs
Rated operating load, 50% tip, lbs (kg) 1300 (590)
Tipping load, lbs (kg) 2600 (1179)
Breakout force, lift cylinder, lbs (kN) 2850 (12.7)
Breakout force, bucket cylinder, lbs (kN) 4180 (18.6)
Operating weight, lbs (kg) 5070 (2300)

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