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Construction Equipment Rental in Bayport, Minnesota

If you’ve been looking for work-ready and reliable heavy machinery for construction equipment in Bayport, we can help you find the most trusted suppliers in the region.

No, you do not have to worry about the transportation, variety of machines/construction supplies you need or length of period for which you need to rent heavy construction equipment.

With the right vendors by your side, and a completely flexible agreement in place, you will have the peace of mind that you go on with a project of any size without having to sacrifice your credit lines.

There are no capital investments involved and you can rent tools and heavy construction equipment for any length of time (days, weeks or months).

That been said, our vendors will offer maximum flexibility to contractors who’ve upcoming construction projects in Bayport.

Dial our toll free number today.

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Engine Powered Scissor Lifts 260MRT

JLG Engine Powered Scissor Lifts 260MRT
Key Specs

  • Machine Width: 5 ft 9 in. / 1.75
  • Platform Capacity: 1250 lb / 566.99 kg
  • Platform Height: 26 ft / 7.92 m

Key Features

  • Narrow 69 in chassis fits into spaces other scissor lifts can't
  • Large work platform and 1,250 lb platform capacity so you can be more productive
  • Standard four wheel drive and 35 percent gradeability keep you going
Power Source
Engine Model Kubota 24.5 hp (Dual Fuel)
Engine Type - Diesel (HRC) Kubota 23.5 hp (Diesel)
Fuel Tank Capacity - Diesel 8 gal. / 28.39 L
Brakes Spring Applied, Hydraulically Released
Capacity - Hydraulic Reservoir 15 gal. / 56.78 L
Ground Bearing Pressure 33 psi / 2.31 Kg/cm2
Machine Weight 7360 lb / 3338.44 kg
Drive Speed - Platform Elevated 0.50 mph / 0.80 km/h
Drive Speed - Platform Lowered 4 mph / 5.63 km/h
Gradeability - 4WD 35 %
Lift Time 27 sec.
Lower Time 21 sec.
Maximum Drive Height 26 ft / 7.92 m
Platform Capacity 1250 lb / 566.99 kg
Platform Capacity - Extension 300 lb / 136.08 kg
Turning Radius - Outside 14 ft 5 in. / 4.39 m
Dimensional Data
Ground Clearance 8 in. / 0.2 m
Machine Height 7 ft 10 in. / 2.37 m
Machine Height - Rails Folded 6 ft 5 in. / 1.96 m
Machine Length 8 ft 3 in. / 2.5 m
Machine Width 5 ft 9 in. / 1.75 m
Platform Dimension A 5 ft 5 in. / 1.65 m
Platform Dimension B 8 ft 6 in. / 2.59 m
Platform Extension Length 4 ft / 1.22 m
Platform Height 26 ft / 7.92 m
Platform Height - Lowered 4 ft 2 in. / 1.26 m
Platform Railing Height 3 ft 8 in. / 1.1 m
Tire Size 26 x 12 Lug Tread
Wheelbase 6 ft 6 in. / 1.98 m
Reach Specifications
Platform Height 26 ft / 7.92 m
Working Height 32 ft / 9.75 m

Finding the latest, well-maintained and completely tested equipment, whether for lifting goods at a warehouse or at construction sites is not exactly easy. We know that contractors and business owners face this problem time and again when the need boom lifts on rent in Kirkwood or elsewhere.

It was for solving these problems that HeavyRentals.Equipment platform was created! Today, we are proud of the fact that we service thousands of locations all across the United States including Kirkwood.

So, the next time you need electric, diesel or gas boom lifts on rent in Kirkwood, you can always count on HeavyRentals.Equipment!

You can always expect prompt delivery service, flexible rental duration options, and even site inspections (if that's required). In case there are any urgent callouts, we are here to make emergency services available as well.

Please call us at the number listed above or fill up the inquiry form available, here at HeavyRentals.Equipment. You'd be able to glance through the best deals on boom lift rentals within few hours, instead of having to spend several days of your precious time on calling up and filtering out numerous rental companies.

New Holland Crawler Excavators E305C

Engine power 152 kW/204 hp
Operating weight 29.8/31.6 t

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