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Construction Equipment Rental in Evansville, Minnesota

If you’ve been looking for work-ready and reliable heavy machinery for construction equipment in Evansville, we can help you find the most trusted suppliers in the region.

No, you do not have to worry about the transportation, variety of machines/construction supplies you need or length of period for which you need to rent heavy construction equipment.

With the right vendors by your side, and a completely flexible agreement in place, you will have the peace of mind that you go on with a project of any size without having to sacrifice your credit lines.

There are no capital investments involved and you can rent tools and heavy construction equipment for any length of time (days, weeks or months).

That been said, our vendors will offer maximum flexibility to contractors who’ve upcoming construction projects in Evansville.

Dial our toll free number today.

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John Deere Excavators 670G LC
Smart choice.

Make no mistake, our 670G LC Excavator delivers plenty of productive punch. With more hydraulic flow than its highly productive predecessor, this excavator delivers faster work cycles to move more material on a gallon of fuel. Its rugged EPA Interim Tier 4/EU Stage IIIB diesel enables you to work, wherever there's work, even in nonattainment areas. Numerous customer-inspired refinements include a more comfortable and spacious cab. And an enhanced LCD monitor with simplified navigation that lets an operator easily dial-in to a wealth of machine information and functionality. Who says you have to choose between working harder or smarter?

Emission Rating Interim Tier 4
Engine Make / Engine Model Isuzu / 6 WG1T
Net Power, kW (hp) @ Rated rpm 345 (463) @
Gross Power, kW (hp) not published
Displacement, L (cu in) 15.7 (957)
Pump Type Variable axial piston
Total Pump Flow, L/m (gpm) 978 (258)
Normal Relief Pressure, kPa (psi) 31900 (4627)
Boost Relief Pressure, kPa (psi) 34300 (4975)
Track Gauge, mm (ft in) 3300 (10 ft 10 in)
Overall Track Length, mm (ft in) 5840 (19 ft 2 in)
Sprocket to Idler Centerline, mm (ft in) 4600 (15 ft 1 in)
Width Over Std Track, mm (ft in) 4190 (13 ft 9 in)
No. of Lower Rollers/Side 8
No. of Carrier Rollers/Side 3
Ground Clearance, mm (in) 860 (34)
Standard Track Pad, mm (in.) 900 (36)
Ground Pressure, Std. Track, kPa (psi) 69.5 (10.1)
Max. Travel Speed - fwd, kph (mph) 5.2 (3.2)
Gradeability, % 70
Gradeability, deg 35
Max. Drawbar Pull, kN (lbf) 452.23 (101.666)
Reference Arm, mm (ft) 4200 (13 ft 9 in)
Max. Reach @ G.L., mm (ft in) 13610 (44 ft 8 in)
Max. Dig Depth, mm (ft in) 9150 (30 ft )
Dig depth - 8' flat bottom, mm (ft in) 9030 (29 ft 8 in)
Dig Depth Vertical Wall, mm (ft in) 8180 (26 ft 10 in)
Max. Dump Height, mm (ft in) 8330 (27 ft 4 in)
Lift Cap. Over Front @ 25' G.L. (incl bkt), kg (lb) 19470 (42100)
Lift Cap. Over Side @ 25' G.L. (incl bkt), kg (lb) 13800 (29700)
Max Arm Digging Force, kN (lbf) 231 (51931)
Max Bucket Digging Force, kN (lbf) 324 (72838)
Tail Swing Radius, mm (ft) 3910 (12 ft 10 in)
Swing Speed, rpm 9.1
Max. Swing Torque, kNm (lbf/ft) 194 (143.087)
Transport Length, mm (ft) 13400 (44 ft )
Transport Height, mm (ft) 4980 (16 ft 4 in)
Transport Width, mm (ft) 3730 (12 ft 3 in)
Fuel Tank, L (gal) 900 (238)
Hydraulic Reservoir, L (gal) 380 (100.4)
SAE Operating Weight, kg (lb) 71688 (158045)

John Deere Scraper Systems 9470RT
Why walk when you can run? The New 9RT Series Tractors are built to defy convention. With more engine horsepower (470 - 570 engine hp) and efficient FT4 engine technology, these machines welcome a good challenge. Just when you think there isn't any room for more, we outfitted the 9RT's with the new CommandViewTM III cab. It delivers more space, comfort and convenience than before, with a few features you might not expect. A new and improved e18TM Transmission with Efficiency Manager also adds to the appeal by providing the smoothest shifting power shift in the market, with an additional automatic mode. Get ready run!


  • John Deere PowerTechTM 13.5L PSS
  • New and improved e18TM PowerShift Transmission
  • AirCushion Suspension System
  • New CommandViewTM III cab
Horsepower: 470 engine hp
Hydraulic Capacity: 115 U.S. gpm (435 L/min) standard
Drawbar Support: Available for long or short scraper drawbars

John Deere Scraper Systems 1814E
The 1814E Ejector Scraper is a six-tire scraper that carries 18 cu yd of material and has a 14-ft cutting width. This scraper works well for construction contractors bulk-hauling materials using 360-hp to 575-hp tractors.

Struck capacity cubic yards 13.2 cu yd
Heaped capacity cubic yards 18 cu yd
Overall dimensions --
Length, ft, in. (mm) 26 ft 10 in. 8179 mm
Width, ft, in. (mm) 15 ft 11 in. 4851 mm
Height, ft, in. (mm) 6 ft 7 in. 2007 mm
Bucket dimensions --
Length, ft, in. (mm) 7 ft 8 in. 2337 mm
Width, ft, in. (mm) 14 ft 6 in. 4420 mm
Height, ft, in. (mm) 4 ft 1321 mm
Approximate shipping weight, lb (kg) 25,800 lb 11,702 kg
Tongue 25%
Wheels 75%
Number of tires per scraper 6
Tire sizes --
Standard 17.5 X 25
Option 1 20.5 X 25
Option 2 NA
Minimum 360 hp
Maximum 575+ hp
2 rows of blade bolts Standard
6-in. bolt-hole spacing Standard
Straight blade configuration Standard
Drop center configuration Optional
Teeth configuration Optional
Adjustable router bits Standard
Size of lines and hoses 3/4 in.
Tandem lines Standard
Minimum flow required, gpm 25 gpm
Minimum pressure required, psi 2500 psi
GPS/Laser adaptable Yes
Direct loading Yes
Top loading Yes
Push loading Yes
Autoload Yes
Hitch type Yoke
Special tractor drawbar required Yes
Six months Standard
Extended warranty (2-3 years) Optional
Yoke-type drawbars Optional
Quick-attach drawbars Optional
Drawbar hitch adapters Optional
Scraper-to-scraper quick-attach Optional
Bolt-on rear bumper Optional
Laser receiver bracket Optional
High-speed leveling skid pads NA

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