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Construction Equipment Rental in Dumas, Mississippi

If you are on the lookout for vendors who can supply heavy construction equipment for a new or ongoing project in Porterville, contact us and we will set you up in as little as one day!

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Once we learn about the heavy machinery or tools you need at the construction site, we will put you in touch with trusted vendors offering construction equipment rentals in Dumas. You need not worry about the transportation of equipment/tools to the jobsite (even if it is to be one on a short notice).

When you are on a deadline, look no further than our reliable network of equipment vendors for one click or one phone-call access to all kinds of construction tools and machines.

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Electric Scissor Lift 1932RS

JLG Electric Scissor Lift 1932RS
Key Specs

  • Machine Width: 2 ft 8 in. / 0.81 m
  • Platform Height: 19 ft / 5.79 m

Key Features

  • Passive pothole protection eliminates all moving parts in the pothole protection system, reducing the need forrepair or replacement
  • Ability to traverse grades of up to 25%
  • Innovative operator controls, similar to the ES Series, and compact dimensions enable travel through doorways
Power Source
Batteries 4 x 6V, 220 amp-hour
Charger 25 amp
Brakes Electric, Friction
Capacity - Hydraulic Reservoir 1 gal. / 5 L
Ground Bearing Pressure 143 psi / 10.01 Kg/cm2
Hydraulic Pump Fixed Displacement Gear
Machine Weight 3450 lb / 1564.89 kg
Drive Speed - Platform Elevated 0.30 mph / 0.48 km/h
Drive Speed - Platform Lowered 3 mph / 4.02 km/h
Drive System 24V Electric
Gradeability 25 %
Lift Time 25 sec.
Lower Time 26 sec.
Maximum Drive Height 19 ft / 5.79 m
Maximum Lift Height 19 ft / 5.79 m
Platform Capacity - Extension 250 lb / 113.40 kg
Platform Capacity - Unrestricted 500 lb / 226.80 kg
Turning Radius - Outside 7 ft 3 in. / 2.21 m
Dimensional Data
Ground Clearance 3 in. / 0.08 m
Machine Height 6 ft 7 in. / 2.02 m
Machine Length 6 ft 9 in. / 2.07 m
Machine Width 2 ft 8 in. / 0.81 m
Platform Dimension A 6 ft / 1.83 m
Platform Dimension B 2 ft 3 in. / 0.69 m
Platform Extension Length 3 ft / 0.91 m
Platform Height 19 ft / 5.79 m
Platform Height - Lowered 3 ft 3 in. / 1 m
Platform Railing Height 3 ft 4 in. / 1.02 m
Tire Size 12.5 x 4 in
Wheelbase 4 ft 7 in. / 1.4 m
Reach Specifications
Platform Height 19 ft / 5.79 m
Working Height 25 ft / 7.62 m

JCB Light Equipment Hydraulic Reversible Drill

Hydraulic Reversible Drill

The JCB hydraulic reversible drill delivers safe, steady power for all general drilling applications.

It can power up to a 13mm (1/2in) steel bit or a 27mm (11/6in) wood bit, and can be used with either open or closed-centre systems.
A lightweight, compact design makes the JCB hydraulic reversible drill a very manageable tool. A heat insulated handle provides operator comfort.

    • 30 l/min max flow rate
    • Weight 2.7 kg
    • 13 mm key-type chuck capacity
    • 1000 RPM @ 20 l/min

JCB Light Equipment HM29


This high output breaker is designed for working on reinforced concrete, heavy roadworks, asphalt and heavy duty applications.

    • Choice of 20 l/min or 30 l/min flow rate
    • Weight 29 kg
    • Vibration (BS8622-5) 5 m/s2
    • Vibro damped handle provides one of the lowest vibration levels of any equivalent breaker
    • Sealed hydraulic system results in low noise (no exhaust port) and elimination of freezing problems
    • Very robust cast steel construction for maximum strength and durability
    • High reliability and long service life -¬†only two moving parts and constant lubrication by hydraulic oil

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Save Hundreds on Your Rentals

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