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Construction Equipment Rental in Gladstone, North-Dakota

With easy, hassle-free and direct access to local construction industry’s broadest fleet through our network of vendors, you can be assured of the fact that your construction projects would never get delayed for want of the latest and well-maintained machines!

If construction equipment rental (for a variable length of time) is what you are looking for in Gladstone, we can help!

You just have to reach us via our toll free number or contact form (on the right) and we will try our level best to match you against the right vendor.

In terms of performance and age, our vendors’ fleet of heavy construction equipment is among the best in the region. We even ask our customers to inspect the equipment in-person by visiting convenient locations before making a final decision on whether our network’s comprehensive offering is actually useful for them or not.

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Komatsu Excavators PC1250-8
PC1250-8 Hydraulic Excavator

The PC1250-8, equipped with a short boom and stick is a mass excavator that will make top loading mass amounts of over-burden a fast and efficient process. In addition, power, economy, heavy lift and swing priority work modes allow the operator to operate his machine in the most efficient manner for his current work. Two boom mode settings and shockless boom control make operation smoother and more productive.

EPA Tier 3 and EU stage 3A emission certified.
Model Komatsu SAA6D170E-5
Type 4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection
Aspiration Turbocharged, aftercooled, cooled EGR
Number of cylinders 6
Bore 6.69" 170 mm
Stroke 6.69" 170 mm
Piston displacement 1,413 in³ 23.15 ltr
Governor All-speed, electronic
SAE J1995 (Gross) 688 HP 514 kW
ISO 9249 / SAE J1349 - Net 672 HP 502 kW
Hydraulic fan at maximum speed (Net) 620 HP 463 kW
Rated rpm 1800 rpm
Fan drive type Hydraulic, variable speed, reversible
EPA Tier 3 and EU stage 3A emission certified.
Hydraulics System
Type Open-center load sensing system
Number of selectable working modes 2
Main pump:
Type Variable capacity piston pumps
Pumps for Boom, arm, bucket, swing, and travel circuits
Maximum flow
For implement and travel 2 x 130.5 U.S. gpm 2 x 494 ltr/min
For swing 1 x 158.5 U.S. gpm 1 x 600 ltr/min
Sub-pump for control circuit Gear pump
Hydraulic motors:
Travel 2 x axial piston motors with parking brake
Swing 2 x axial piston motors with swing holding brake
Relief valve setting:
Implement circuits 4,550 psi 31.4 MPa 320 kg/cm²
Travel circuit 4,980 psi 34.3 MPa 350 kg/cm²
Swing circuit 3,910 psi 27.0 MPa 275 kg/cm²
Pilot circuit 430 psi 2.9 MPa 30 kg/cm²
Hydraulic cylinders:
Cylinder / Number of cylinders Bore x Stroke Bore x Stroke
Boom / 2 8.9" x 94.1" 225 mm x 2390 mm
Arm / 1 9.8" x 95.9" 250 mm x 2435 mm
Std / 2 6.3" x 71.8" 160 mm x 1825 mm
SP / 2 6.3" x 76.8" 160 mm x 1950 mm
Swing System
Driven method 2 x Hydraulic motor
Swing reduction Planetary gear
Swing circle lubrication Grease-bathed
Swing lock Oil disc brake
Swing speed 5.5 rpm
Drives & Brakes
Steering control Two levers with pedals
Drive method Fully hydrostatic
Travel motor Axial piston motor, in-shoe design
Reduction system Planetary double reduction
Maximum drawbar pull 154,320 lb 686 kN 70000 kg
Gradeability 70%
Maximum travel speed:
High 2.0 mph 3.2 km/h
Low 1.3 mph 2.1 km/h
Service brake Hydraulic lock
Center frame H-leg frame
Track frame Box-section
Track type Sealed
Track adjuster Hydraulic
No. of shoes:
Standard, SP, Shovel 48 each side
LC 55 each side
No. of carrier rollers 3 each side
No. of track rollers:
Standard, SP, Shovel 8 each side
LC 10 each side
Coolant and Lubricant Capacity (refilling)
Fuel tank 359.3 US gal 1360 ltr
Radiator 37.5 US gal 142 ltr
Engine 22.7 US gal 86 ltr
Final drive, each side 5.5 US gal 21 ltr
Swing drive 2 x 6.4 US gal 2 x 24.5 ltr
Hydraulic tank 177.0 US gal 670 ltr
PTO 3.6 US gal 13.5 ltr

Komatsu Excavators PC240LC-10 Super Long Front

PC240LC-10 Super Long Front 55'-60' Reach

Add a super long front the super productive and stable PC240LC-10 and you create an incredibly versatile machine with a huge working range. The functions and operations are that of the standard excavator but with a wide variety of ditch cleaning and general purpose buckets for dredging, cleaning and sloping applications.

  • The details in this specification brochure are based on Dash 8 and Dash 10 models as indicated. Some attachments may be installed on prior models but specifications may vary. Contact Young Corporation for details.
  • Variations to the specifications in this brochure can be designed and produced in accordance with customer requirements by contacting Young Corporation with details.
  • SUPER LONG FRONT ATTACHMENTS are designed for “LIGHT DUTY" work only. Excavating work or heavy hoisting may result in side loads and other activities that will damage the machine.
  • Disassembly may be required due to transport restrictions.
  • Illustrations may include optional equipment.
  • Operating weights include additional counterweight when required.

Komatsu Excavators PC35MR-3
PC35MR-3 Hydraulic Excavator

What weighs 7,909 lbs., a swinging boom to dig right next to buildings and a blade to backfill after itself? The Komatsu PC35MR-3 of course. Built with the durability of bigger Komatsu excavators, the PC35MR-3 is a powerhouse in a compact package.

Model Komatsu 3D88E-6
Type Direct injection
Piston displacement 100 in³ 1.64 ltr
Horsepower @ 2600 rpm:
Net (ISO 9249/SAE J1349) 29 HP 21.4 kW
Electric System
Operation voltage 12 V
Battery 58 Ah
Alternator 40 A
Starter 2.3 kW
Hydraulic System
Type HydrauMind
Main pump:
Type Variable displacement x 2Gear x 1
Maximum flow 9.5 x 2 + 5.2 gal/min 36.1 x 2 + 19.8 ltr/min
Hydraulic motors:
Travel Variable displacement x 2
Swing Fixed displacement x 1
Maximum pressure setting 3,770 psi 265 kg/cm²
Auxiliary flow 18.5 gal/min 70 ltr/min
Travel speed:
High 3.0 mph 4.8 km/hr
Low 1.7 mph 2.8 km/hr
Swing speed 9.0 rpm
Ground pressure 5.1 psi 0.36 kg/cm²
Max. drawbar pull 7,500 lb 3400 kg
Gradeability 30°
Bucket digging force (ISO) 6,725 lb 3050 kg
Arm crowd force (ISO) 3,682 lb 1670 kg
Drives and Brakes
Drive method Hydrostatic
Type of travel brake Hydraulic lock
Type of travel shoe Rubber
Adjustment of the track tension Grease gun
Number of carrier rollers (each side) 1
Number of track rollers (each side) 4
Refill Capacities
Fuel tank 11.6 U.S. gal 44 ltr
Hydraulic tank 3.7 U.S. gal 14 ltr
Engine 1.8 U.S. gal 6.7 ltr
Coolant 0.9 U.S. gal 3.3 ltr
Operating Weight (approximate)
Operating weight(with ROPS canopy and rubber shoe) 7,909 lb 3595 kg
Width x height 5'9" x 1'2" 1740 x 355 mm

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