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Construction Equipment Rental in Fairland, Oklahoma

We can help you find the best heavy construction equipment rentals in Fairland. So, while you concentrate on the construction project at hand, you can leave the task of provisioning ladder planks, concrete equipment, excavators, lifts, etc. to our vendors.

We understand that you and may other contractors do not wish to buy new equipment to keep your credit lines strong and cash flow healthy. Having served construction industry players for a long time now, we have formed a network of suppliers and vendors with huge fleets of work-ready machines and tools.

Depending on the timeframe for which you need the equipment, you can choose to rent construction machines in Fairland for a day, week or several months at a stretch. Yes, rental agreements are flexible and no, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance costs. To know more, dial our toll free number today.

You can also contact us by filling out the contact form (on the right). One of our support staff members will get back to you in no time.

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John Deere Excavators 180G LC
Seeking big productivity in a mid-size package?

For those of you who said you'd like an even larger mid-size, there's the all-new 180G LC. Weighing nearly 2103 kg (4,632 lb.) more than its smaller 160G LC sibling, it also offers more reach, digging depth, lift capacity, and arm and bucket dig force.

Its spacious and comfortable cab comes equipped with easy-to-navigate enhanced LCD monitor that let operators easily dial-in a wealth of machine info and functionality.

Rugged EPA Interim Tier 4/EU Stage IIIB John Deere PowerTechTM diesel meet rigid emissions regulations, enabling you to work, wherever there's work - even in non attainment areas. And of course, you'll enjoy typical John Deere smoothness, control, and operating ease. Why settle for anything less?

Emission Rating Interim Tier 4
Engine Make / Engine Model John Deere / PowerTech PVX
Net Power, kW (hp) @ Rated rpm 90 (121) @ 2200
Displacement, L (cu in) 4.5 (275)
Pump Type Variable axial piston
Total Pump Flow, L/m (gpm) 382 (100)
Normal Relief Pressure, kPa (psi) 34300 (4980)
Boost Relief Pressure, kPa (psi) 38000 (5511)
Track Gauge, mm (in) 2200 (7 ft 3 in)
Overall Track Length, mm (ft) 4170 (13 ft 8 in)
Sprocket to Idler Centerline, mm (ft) 3370 (11 ft 1 in)
Width Over Std Track, mm (ft) 2900 (9 ft 6 in)
No. of Lower Rollers/Side 7
No. of Carrier Rollers/Side 2
Ground Clearance, mm (in) 450 (18)
Standard Track Pad, mm (in) 700 (28)
Ground Pressure - Std. Pad, kPa (psi) 36 (5.22)
Max. Travel Speed - fwd, kph (mph) 5.3 (3.3)
Gradeability, % 70
Gradeability, deg 35
Max. Drawbar pull, kN (lbf) 169.16 (38030)
Reference Arm, mm (ft in) 3210 (10 ft 6 in)
Max. Reach @ G.L., mm (ft in) 9790 (32 ft 1 in)
Max. Dig Depth, mm (ft in) 7070 (23 ft 2 in)
Dig Depth-8' Flat Bottom, mm (ft in) 6870 (22 ft 7 in)
Dig Depth Vertical Wall, mm (ft in) 6280 (20 ft 7 in)
Max. Dump Height, mm (ft in) 6930 (22 ft 9 in)
Lift Cap. Over Front @ 25' G.L. (incl bkt), kg (lbs) 3700 (7950)
Lift Cap. Over Side @ 25' G.L. (incl bkt), kg (lbs) 2250 (4800)
Max Arm Digging Force, kN (lbf) 84 (18825)
Max Bucket Digging Force, kN (lbf) 126 (28244)
Tail Swing Radius, mm (ft) 2550 (8 ft 4 in)
Swing Speed, rpm 12.8
Max. Swing Torque, kNm (lbf - ft) 50 (36765)
Transport Length, mm (ft in) 9040 (29 ft 8 in)
Transport Height, mm (ft in) 3390 (11 ft 2 in)
Transport Width, mm (ft/in) 2900 (9 ft 6 in)
Fuel Tank, L (gal) 320 (84.5)
Hydraulic Reservoir, L (gal) 125 (33)
SAE Operating Weight, kg (lb) 20120 (44317)

JCB Compaction Equipment VMT 380-130/140

VMT 380-130/140

The new JCB VMT 380-130/140 road roller is designed to offer high productivity and reliability with maximum operating economy, excellent serviceability and operation safety . The ideal combination of static weights, centrifugal forces and amplitudes makes this vibratory roller perfect for a wide range of both soil and asphalt applications, from rolling sub-base to finish rolling.

Thanks to excellent manoeuvrability and a compact design, VMT380-130/140 compaction rollers are also ideal for a wide range of workplaces, including yards, access roads, residential streets, car parks, roads, highways and airports.

Weighing 8267 to 8488lb (3750 to 3850kg) and powered by a four cylinder 45hp (33.6kW) motor, the VMT 380-130/140 has an operating width of 51.1 to 55.1in (1300 - 1400mm) and generates centrifugal forces of 13264 to 14163lbf (59 to 63kN). There's an adjustable seat for comfort and productivity.

Operating Weight
Machine Operating Weight 8267-8488lb (3750-3850kg)

JCB Compaction Equipment VM 132PD

VM 132PD

The JCB VM 132PD vibrating roller is a mid-size single drum soil compactor. It's nevertheless powerful and accurate, giving you quick, high quality results. It weighs 29,542lb (13,400 kg), has a drum width of 82.7in (2100mm) and is powered by a highly efficient JCB Dieselmax 4.4 liter 145hp (108kW) engine (TIER3).

The VM 132PD drum roller is built to perform, again and again and again. That means building it to last. It's an approach we've taken with all of our compaction rollers, with every sophisticated component built to perform and cost you less. Just take the single-piece eccentric shaft with overturning weights, which produces optimum performance and minimum maintenance.

In fact performance is so good that compaction is best in class on the JCB VM 132PD vibrating roller. No wonder when you consider that standard equipment includes an Automatic Vibration Control, superb front-rear weight distribution, a switchable anti-slip system (SASS) and heavy-duty no-spin axles.

Operating Weight
39542lb (13400kg)
Centrifugal Force
68567 (305kN)
Maximum Engine Power 145hp (108kW)

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