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Construction Equipment Rental in Blue Ridge, Virginia

Our construction equipment rental network in Blue Ridge gives you instant access to a huge selection of heavy construction equipment including highly expensive and modern machines, that are otherwise used only by leading companies.

For rental enquiries, you can contact our team at the toll free number. Alternatively, you can submit a message through the contact form on the right. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Why contractors trust our vendors:

  • Well maintained machines
  • The fleet is upgraded on a regular basis; old machines are sold out as used equipment
  • Construction equipment rental agreements are highly flexible
  • The equipment is moved to (and from) the jobsite if required
  • Construction equipment and tools are made available on short notice if the need be
  • There is no restriction on how much you want to rent (it can be just one machine or a full-fledged fleet for a big construction project)

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If you own a construction company, run a warehouse or have a goods transport business in Solomons, chances are that you'd need a Excavator that you can deploy for indoor or outdoor operations.

But, not every business has the capital to invest in brand new Excavators. Even if the business is flourishing and you have all the funds needed to purchase new equipment, you may still want to go for Excavator rentals instead of betting a huge sum of money on purchasing such equipment.

But, finding reliable Excavator rentals in Solomons isn't exactly straightforward. From fee comparison to dependability on a vendor to availability of different makes and models of Excavators, there are numerous factors that one needs to consider when hiring a Excavator in Solomons.

This is where HeavyRentals.Equipment can help.

Our nationwide network of Excavator rental companies, spanning across 5,000+ locations covers Solomons as well. So, the next time you need a Excavator, whether for few hours, days, weeks or months at a stretch, you can just request a free Excavator rental estimate at HeavyRentals.Equipment. Within minutes, we will match your Excavator requirements in Solomons against vendors in your area; you will be talking to some of the most reliable vendors with well maintained fleet of Excavators on the same day. After all, we add a rental company or vendor to our list only after carrying out necessary background checks.

As far as important parameters such as Excavator weight capacity, adjustable width, power sources, ease-of-use and power steering are concerned - be assured that you will have no dearth of options to choose from. While you request a free estimate at HeavyRentals.Equipment or narrate your requirements to our support staff by dialing our helpline number, you remain in total control of which Excavator rental company in Solomons you wish to choose.

Komatsu Excavators PC138USLC-10

PC138USLC-10 Hydraulic Excavator

Komatsu pioneered the tight tail swing design and has perfected it in the Tier 4 interim PC138USLC-10. With this excavator you can work in one lane of traffic without disturbing the other lane. Beyond its - tight swing capability, the PC138USLC-10 has the same digging and lifting power as most standard competitive excavators. Six working modes and pump/engine matching technology like larger Komatsu excavators makes the new PC138USLC-10 7% more fuel efficient than the previous model.

Model Komatsu SAA4D95LE-6*
Type Water cooled, 4-cycle, direct injection
Aspiration Turbocharged, and air-to-air aftercooled
Number of cylinders 4
Bore 3.74" 95 mm
Stroke 4.53" 115 mm
Piston displacement 199 in³ 3.26 ltr
Gross (SAE J1995) @ 2200 rpm 98 HP 72 kW
Net (ISO 9249/SAE J1349) @ 2200 rpm 93 HP 68 kW
Governor All speed control, electronic
Lubrication system:
Method Gear pump, force-lubrication
Filter Full-flow
Air cleaner Dry type with double elements and auto dust evacuator, plus dust indicator
*EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU stage 3B emissions certified
Hydraulic System
Type HydrauMind (Hydraulic Mechanical Intelligence New Design) system, Closed-center system with load-sensing valves and pressure-compensated valves
Main pump:
Type Variable displacement piston type
Maximum flow 64 U.S. gal/min 242 ltr/min
Hydraulic motors:
Travel 2 x piston motor with parking brake
Swing 1 x piston motor with swing holding brake
Relief valve setting:
Implement circuits 5,050 psi 34.8 MPa / 355 kgf/cm2
Swing circuits 3,920 psi 27.1 MPa / 276 kgf/cm²
Pilot circuit 470 psi 3.2 MPa / 33 kgf/cm²
Hydraulic cylinders / Number of cylinders: Bore x Stroke Bore x Stroke
Boom / 2 4.1" x 41.5" 105 mm x 1055 mm
Arm / 1 4.3" x 46.3" 110 mm x 1175 mm
Bucket / 1 3.7" x 34.8" 95 mm x 885 mm
Swing System
Drive method Hydraulic
Swing reduction Planetary gear
Swing circle lubrication Grease-bathed
Swing lock Wet, multiple-disc brake
Swing speed 11.0 rpm
Swing torque 21,627 ft lbs 2991 kg.m
Drives and Brakes
Steering control Two levers with pedals
Drive method Fully hydrostatic
Maximum drawbar pull 27,560 lbf 12,500 kgf
123 kN
Maximum travel speed:
High 3.2 mph 5.1 km/h
Low 1.8 mph 2.9 km/h
Service brake Hydraulic lock
Parking brake Wet, multiple-disc
Center frame X-leg frame
Track frame Box-section
Track type Sealed track
Track adjuster Hydraulic
Number of shoes 46 each side
Number of carrier rollers 2 each side
Number of track rollers 8 each side
Coolant and Lubricant Capacity refilling
Fuel tank 52.8 U.S. gal 200 ltr
Radiator 4.4 U.S. gal 16.7 ltr
Engine 3.0 U.S. gal 11.5 ltr
Final drive, each side 0.55 U.S. gal 2.1 ltr
Swing drive 0.7 U.S. gal 2.5 ltr
Hydraulic tank 18.2 U.S. gal 69 ltr
Operating Weight (APROXIMATE)
Operating weight including 4600 mm / 15'1" one-piece boom, 2500 mm / 8'2" arm, SAE heaped 0.5 m³ / 0.65 yd³ backhoe bucket, rated capacity of lubricants, coolant, full fuel tank, operator, and standard equipment.
Shoes 20" 500 mm
Operating Weight 31,791 lb 14420 kg
Ground Pressure 0.46 kg/cm²
45.1 kPa
6.54 psi
Shoes 24" 600 mm
Operating Weight 32,187 lb 14600 kg
Ground Pressure 0.39 kg/cm² 38.2 kPa 5.55 psi
Shoes 28" 700 mm
Operating Weight 32,628 lb 14800 kg
Ground Pressure 0.34 kg/cm²
33.3 kPa
4.83 psi

Hiring a Backhoe for your construction or transportation business cannot be a spur of the moment decision since the market is flooded with different makes and models. Backhoes come with different features and different brands use different technologies; the end user may or may not always be familiar with the pros and cons of numerous designs, technologies and features.

Don't fret if your ignorance is mounting the pressure on business performance.

HeavyRentals.Equipment can help you find reliable Backhoe rentals in Bountiful. Our nationwide network of Backhoe companies across more than 5,000 locations all across the United States; we can come to your rescue, whether you need to rent Backhoe for a day, week, or months together.

When you hire from us, you needn't worry about the quality and efficiency of the equipment. We offer you access to a massive inventory of ready to be hired Backhoes in Bountiful. We have on board vendors having Backhoes of all top brands; we have tied up with a large number of reliable Backhoe rental dealers in Bountiful region already. So, you don't have to spend time researching, screening and interviewing vendors.

Before recommending a Backhoe rental company in Bountiful, our team will personally assess your business needs and requirements. These requirements will be broken down into weight capacity, lift height, surface available for movement of the Backhoe, turning radius required, and of course your budget. You can narrate your requirements to our support team by dialing our helpline number, and also get free Backhoe rental estimates.

While we are here to make suitable suggestions, we let our clients have full control over their choices in renting Backhoes. When you rent with us be sure the Backhoe have been inspected to US safety standards.

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