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Construction Equipment Rental in Duvall, Washington

We firmly believe that the reason why so many contractors and companies in the region approach us for construction equipment rentals in Duvall is because our premier customer service never fails to impress.

Our network comprises of only the vendors who we know have clean, well-maintained and work-ready construction machinery, accessories and tools in their inventory. Yes, it’s not a network that just about anyone could join.

Putting you in touch with the right vendor in the shortest possible time is our motto. Get in touch today by dialing our toll free number. Or, you can complete the contact form (on the right).

You can get all heavy construction equipment you need at the jobsite in Duvall without having to contact multiple rental service providers and yes, pick-ups and drop-offs too are taken care of (unless you want to move equipment on your own).

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Finding the latest, well-maintained and completely tested equipment, whether for lifting goods at a warehouse or at construction sites is not exactly easy. We know that contractors and business owners face this problem time and again when the need boom lifts on rent in Pascoag or elsewhere.

It was for solving these problems that HeavyRentals.Equipment platform was created! Today, we are proud of the fact that we service thousands of locations all across the United States including Pascoag.

So, the next time you need electric, diesel or gas boom lifts on rent in Pascoag, you can always count on HeavyRentals.Equipment!

You can always expect prompt delivery service, flexible rental duration options, and even site inspections (if that's required). In case there are any urgent callouts, we are here to make emergency services available as well.

Please call us at the number listed above or fill up the inquiry form available, here at HeavyRentals.Equipment. You'd be able to glance through the best deals on boom lift rentals within few hours, instead of having to spend several days of your precious time on calling up and filtering out numerous rental companies.

cat lift trucks internal combustion pneumatic tire mexico dp100nmBuilt with your business in mind, the Cat® DP100NM-DP150NM pneumatic tire lift truck series provides optimum power and reliability to tackle the toughest material handling applications. Equipped with a high-performance 6D16 7.5L engine, this series offers a level of productivity that makes it a valued asset to your business.



  • The 6D16 7.5L turbo in-line, 6-cylinder diesel engine provides superior performance - shift after shift.
  • Low-speed torque helps provide controlled, yet powerful acceleration for maximum productivity.
  • Turbocharger delivers rapid response and a better driving experience for your operators.
  • Narrow mast channels with a large window of vision and a low profile counterweight promote good visibility while traveling.
  • The full-suspension standard vinyl seat allows adjustment in four places to provide the operator with a comfortable ride.
  • Hydrostatic steering minimizes the steering effort, providing better lift truck control and maneuverability.
  • Three forward and three reverse speeds provide the power you need to perform in rugged applications.
  • Minimized vibration and noise is achieved through the use of:
    • Rubber mounted components
    • Fully-insulated engine hood
    • Helical transmission gears
    • Closed wheel wells
MODEL Model Capacity (t) Max Travel Speed* (km/h) Engine (kW/rpm) Right Angle Stack* (mm) Turning Radius (mm) Lift Speed* (m/s) Lower Speed* (m/s) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kgs)
DP100NM 10.0 24.5 100/2200 4770 4000 0.46 0.46 4310 2515 3087 14550

cat lift trucks internal combustion pneumatic tire mexico dp70nThe DP70N pneumatic tire lift truck offers proven reliability and durability, combined with the strength and stability you need to the get the job done. Equipped with a high-performance Perkins® 854E 3.4L engine, this forklift offers increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and a lower overall operating cost.



  • Fully-hydrostatic power steering minimizes the effort needed to smoothly steer the lift truck regardless of speed, providing more operator control and maneuverability
  • Presence Detection System (PDS) helps protect forklifts, forklift operators and loads. Powered travel and activation of load handling functions is stopped when the operator leaves the normal seated position without setting the parking brake or is in the normal operating position without a fastened seatbelt
  • Designed to maximize operator comfort and minimize fatigue:
    • Full-suspension vinyl seat is adjustable for forward/backward adjustment, suspension adjustment and lumbar support
    • Tilt steering column with premium operator display panel and mechanical quick return
    • Vacuum-boosted brakes require less pedal effort
    • Ergonomic controls are conveniently placed for easy access
  • The DP70N is designed to minimize noise and vibration for added operator comfort. This is achieved with the use of:
  • Fingertip hydraulic controls offer precise control with near effortless motion

Available Options

  • Light and strobe packages for your specific applications
  • Hydraulic control levers
  • Fire extinguisher
MODEL Model Capacity (lbs.) Max Travel Speed* (mph) Engine (HP/rpm) Right Angle Stack* (in.) Turning Radius (in.) Lift Speed* (fpm) Lower Speed* (fpm) Length (in.) Width (in.) Height (in.) Weight (lbs.)
DP70N 15,500 15.5 100.6/2480 153 130 92.5 98.4 141 85.4 103 20,770

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Save Hundreds on Your Rentals

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