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Construction Equipment Rental in Jeffersonton, Virginia

Our construction equipment rental network in Jeffersonton gives you instant access to a huge selection of heavy construction equipment including highly expensive and modern machines, that are otherwise used only by leading companies.

For rental enquiries, you can contact our team at the toll free number. Alternatively, you can submit a message through the contact form on the right. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Why contractors trust our vendors:

  • Well maintained machines
  • The fleet is upgraded on a regular basis; old machines are sold out as used equipment
  • Construction equipment rental agreements are highly flexible
  • The equipment is moved to (and from) the jobsite if required
  • Construction equipment and tools are made available on short notice if the need be
  • There is no restriction on how much you want to rent (it can be just one machine or a full-fledged fleet for a big construction project)

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JCB Compaction Equipment VMT 160-90

VMT 160-90

The JCB VMT 160-90 road roller is designed to offer high productivity and reliability with maximum operating economy, excellent serviceability and operation safety. The ideal combination of static weights, centrifugal forces and amplitudes makes this roller compactor perfect for a wide range of both soil and asphalt applications, from rolling sub-base to finish rolling.

Thanks to excellent maneuverability and a compact design, VMT 160-900 compaction rollers are also ideal for a wide range of workplaces, including yards, access roads, residential streets, car parks, roads, highways and airports.

Weighing 3628lb (1650kg) and powered by a Kubota 23hp (17kW) motor, the VMT 160-90 is our smallest road roller. It has an operating width of 38.6in (980mm) and generates centrifugal forces of 5845 to 10,116lbf (26 to 45kN). There's an adjustable seat for comfort and productivity.

Komatsu Excavators PC390LC-10 SLF
PC390LC-10 Super Long Front Hydraulic Excavator

If you need a powerful and stable excavator, but also need a large working envelope, mount a super long front to the PC360LC-10 and you'll have all the power and reach you need. The functions and operations are that of the standard excavator but with a wide variety of ditch cleaning and general purpose buckets for dredging, cleaning and sloping applications.


  • The details in this specification brochure are based on Dash 8 and Dash 10 models as indicated. Some attachments may be installed on prior models but specifications may vary. Contact Young Corporation for details.
  • Variations to the specifications in this brochure can be designed and produced in accordance with customer requirements by contacting Young Corporation with details.
  • SUPER LONG FRONT ATTACHMENTS are designed for “LIGHT DUTY" work only. Excavating work or heavy hoisting may result in side loads and other activities that will damage the machine.
  • Disassembly may be required due to transport restrictions.
  • Illustrations may include optional equipment.
  • Operating weights include additional counterweight when required.

Komatsu Excavators PC650LC-8
PC650LC-8 Hydraulic Excavator

The Komatsu Excavators PC650LC-8 has the features you need to achieve your production goals. Three working modes with a lift mode that provides 17% more lifting force, two boom mode settings and Power Max to power through tough material will give your operator the tools he needs to meet your production challenges.

EPA Tier 3 and EU stage 3A emission certified.
Model Komatsu SAA6D140E-5
Type 4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection
Aspiration Turbocharged, aftercooled, cooled EGR
Number of cylinders 6
Bore 5.51" 140 mm
Stroke 6.50" 165 mm
Piston displacement 930 in³ 15.24 ltr
Governor All-speed, electronic
SAE J1995 (Gross) 433 HP 323 kW
ISO9249 / SAE J1349 (Net) 429 HP 320 kW
Hydraulic fan at maximum speed (Net) 386 HP 288 kW
Rated rpm 1800 rpm
Fan drive type Hydraulic
Type Open-center load-sensing system
Number of selectable working modes 3
Main pump:
Type Variable capacity piston pump
Pumps for Boom, arm, bucket, swing, and travel circuits
Maximum flow 2 x 108 U.S. gpm 2 x 410 ltr/min
Sub-pump for control circuit Gear pump
Hydraulic motors:
Travel 2 x axial piston motor with parking brake
Swing 2 x axial piston motor with swing holding brake
Relief valve setting:
Implement circuits 4,620 psi 31.9 MPa 325 kg/cm²
Travel circuit 4,980 psi 34.3 MPa 350 kg/cm²
Swing circuit 3,700 psi 25.5 MPa 260 kg/cm²
Pilot circuit 430 psi 2.9 MPa 30 kg/cm²
Hydraulic cylinders / Number of cylinders: Bore x Stroke: Bore x Stroke:
Boom / 2 7.3" x 67.9" 185 mm x 1725 mm
Arm / 1 7.9" x 80.5" 200 mm x 2045 mm
Bucket / 1 7.3" x 56.1" 185 mm x 1425 mm
or 2.9 m 9.6" Arm / 1 7.3" x 63.4" 185 mm x 1610 mm
Drives & Brakes
Steering control Two levers with pedals
Drive method Fully hydrostatic
Travel motor Axial piston motor, in-shoe design
Reduction system Planetary double reduction
Maximum drawbar pull 93,250 lb 415 kN / 42300 kg
Gradeability 70%
Maximum travel speed:
Low 1.9 mph 3.0 km/h
High 3.0 mph 4.9 km/h
Service brake Hydraulic lock
Parking brake Oil disc brake
Swing System
Driven method Hydraulic motors (2)
Swing reduction Planetary gear
Swing circle lubrication Grease-bathed
Swing lock Oil disc brake
Swing speed 8.3 rpm
Swing torque 154,481 ft. lbs. 21365 kg•m
Center frame H-leg frame
Track frame Box-section
Track type Sealed
Track adjuster Hydraulic
No. of shoes 52 each side
No. of carrier rollers 3 each side
No. of track rollers 9 each side
Coolant and Lubricant Capacity (refilling)
Fuel tank 232.5 U.S. gal 880 ltr
Radiator 15.3 U.S. gal 58 ltr
Engine 10.6 U.S. gal 40 ltr
Final drive, each side 2.6 U.S. gal 10 ltr
Swing drive 2 x 3.4 U.S. gal 2 x 13 ltr
Hydraulic tank 65.5 U.S. gal 248 ltr
Operating Weight (approximate)
Operating weight, including 7660 mm 25'2" boom, 3500 mm 11'6" arm, SAE heaped 2.7 m3 3.53 yd3 backhoe bucket, operator, lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank, and the standard equipment.
Shoes Operating Weight Ground Pressure
750 mm / 29.5" Triple grouser 64150 kg 141,427 lb 84.3 kPa 0.86 kgf/cm2 12.3 psi
900 mm / 35.5" Triple grouser 65050 kg 143,411 lb 71.1 kPa 0.73 kgf/cm2 10.3 psi

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