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Construction Equipment Rental in Skidmore, Texas

We have vendors on-board who feature the latest technology. Choosing our network of highly trusted and reliable suppliers for heavy construction equipment rental in Skidmore means that you can literally redefine the overall productivity levels at the jobsite!

Ask any seasoned contractor and you will know just how big a difference the right set of heavy machinery can make in a construction project.

When you can rent the best in class construction equipment for a day, week or month(s), why take the risk of buying it?

Getting access to our select number of vendors, who we know have the inventory of latest machines, is easy and hassle free. Dial our toll free number or submit the contact form (on the right) to get started. Rest assured, there are no obligations attached with answers you get or discussions you have with our executives.

Contractors in Skidmore can always count on us. All you have to do is to task!

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John Deere Articulated Dump Trucks 370E
Supersize your productivity.

Equipment owners and operators such as you gave us plenty of big ideas for our reimagined E-Series. The 370E comes loaded with a John Deere EPA Interim Tier 4 (IT4) diesel engine. Purpose-built transmissions with eight forward and four reverse gears. Heavy-duty John Deere-built axles with wet-disc brakes. Standard adaptive suspension. Numerous automated functions for simplified operation. And ground-level daily and periodic servicing. With the E-Series, you get everything you need to boost productivity and uptime, and reduce your daily operating costs. Big time.

Emission Rating Interim Tier 4
Engine Make / Engine Model John Deere / PowerTech 6135
Net Power, kW (hp) @ Rated rpm 315 (422) @ 1900
Displacement, L (cu in) 13.5 (824)
Calculated Torque Rise (percentage) --
Transmission Manufacturer John Deere
Transmission Type Powershift
Number of Gears Forward and Reverse 8F - 4R
Max. Travel Speed - fwd, kph (mph) 53 (33)
Max. Travel Speed - rev, kph (mph) 16 (10)
Type Planetary - Outboard
Axle Diff. Lock Transverse Cross-axle Diff Lock
Service Brake Type Wet Multi Disc
Engine Brake Transmission
Retarder Other Type --
Parking Brake Type Spring Applied / Hydraulically Released
Front Type A-Frame
Front Suspension Nitrogen/Oil-Filled Struts - Auto Levelling
Rear Type Pivoting Walking Beam
Rear Suspension Rubber Suspension Blocks
Load Body
Construction Standard
Body Tipping Angle Degrees 70
Body Tipping Time to Raise seconds 13
Body Tipping Time to Lower seconds 7
Tip Cylinders Type Twin 1-Stage
Power Down Yes
Steering & Articulation
Articulation Angle, degrees 45
Steering Turns Lock to Lock 4.1
Secondary Steering Type Yes
Overall Length, mm (ft in) 10810 (35 ft 6 in)
Overall Tire Width, mm (ft in) 3440 (11 ft 3 in)
Overall Height, mm (ft in) 3810 (12 ft 6 in)
Loadover Height, mm (ft in) 3260 (10 ft 8 in)
Approach Angle degrees 24
Outside Turning Radius, mm (ft in) 8900 (29 ft 2 in)
Inside Turning Radius, mm (ft in) 4630 (15 ft 2 in)
Steering Wheel Adjustment description Fully Adjustable
Air Conditioner Yes
Standard 26.5 R25
Fuel Tank, L (gal) 609 (161)
Hydraulic Reservoir, L (gal) 242 (64)
Capacity Struck, cu m (cu yd) 16.3 (21.3)
Capacity Heaped SAE 2:1, cu m (cu yd) 20.5 (26.8)
Operating Weight Empty, kg (lb) 30782 (67862)
Payload Weight, kg (lb) 33630 (74141)
Gross Weight, kg (lb) 64412 (142003)
Gross Weight, kg (lb) 64412 (142003)

John Deere Excavators 670G LC
Smart choice.

Make no mistake, our 670G LC Excavator delivers plenty of productive punch. With more hydraulic flow than its highly productive predecessor, this excavator delivers faster work cycles to move more material on a gallon of fuel. Its rugged EPA Interim Tier 4/EU Stage IIIB diesel enables you to work, wherever there's work, even in nonattainment areas. Numerous customer-inspired refinements include a more comfortable and spacious cab. And an enhanced LCD monitor with simplified navigation that lets an operator easily dial-in to a wealth of machine information and functionality. Who says you have to choose between working harder or smarter?

Emission Rating Interim Tier 4
Engine Make / Engine Model Isuzu / 6 WG1T
Net Power, kW (hp) @ Rated rpm 345 (463) @
Gross Power, kW (hp) not published
Displacement, L (cu in) 15.7 (957)
Pump Type Variable axial piston
Total Pump Flow, L/m (gpm) 978 (258)
Normal Relief Pressure, kPa (psi) 31900 (4627)
Boost Relief Pressure, kPa (psi) 34300 (4975)
Track Gauge, mm (ft in) 3300 (10 ft 10 in)
Overall Track Length, mm (ft in) 5840 (19 ft 2 in)
Sprocket to Idler Centerline, mm (ft in) 4600 (15 ft 1 in)
Width Over Std Track, mm (ft in) 4190 (13 ft 9 in)
No. of Lower Rollers/Side 8
No. of Carrier Rollers/Side 3
Ground Clearance, mm (in) 860 (34)
Standard Track Pad, mm (in.) 900 (36)
Ground Pressure, Std. Track, kPa (psi) 69.5 (10.1)
Max. Travel Speed - fwd, kph (mph) 5.2 (3.2)
Gradeability, % 70
Gradeability, deg 35
Max. Drawbar Pull, kN (lbf) 452.23 (101.666)
Reference Arm, mm (ft) 4200 (13 ft 9 in)
Max. Reach @ G.L., mm (ft in) 13610 (44 ft 8 in)
Max. Dig Depth, mm (ft in) 9150 (30 ft )
Dig depth - 8' flat bottom, mm (ft in) 9030 (29 ft 8 in)
Dig Depth Vertical Wall, mm (ft in) 8180 (26 ft 10 in)
Max. Dump Height, mm (ft in) 8330 (27 ft 4 in)
Lift Cap. Over Front @ 25' G.L. (incl bkt), kg (lb) 19470 (42100)
Lift Cap. Over Side @ 25' G.L. (incl bkt), kg (lb) 13800 (29700)
Max Arm Digging Force, kN (lbf) 231 (51931)
Max Bucket Digging Force, kN (lbf) 324 (72838)
Tail Swing Radius, mm (ft) 3910 (12 ft 10 in)
Swing Speed, rpm 9.1
Max. Swing Torque, kNm (lbf/ft) 194 (143.087)
Transport Length, mm (ft) 13400 (44 ft )
Transport Height, mm (ft) 4980 (16 ft 4 in)
Transport Width, mm (ft) 3730 (12 ft 3 in)
Fuel Tank, L (gal) 900 (238)
Hydraulic Reservoir, L (gal) 380 (100.4)
SAE Operating Weight, kg (lb) 71688 (158045)

JCB Compaction Equipment VMT 260-100/120

VMT 260-100/120

The JCB VMT 260-100/120 road roller is designed to offer high productivity and reliability with maximum operating economy, excellent serviceability and operation safety. The ideal combination of static weights, centrifugal forces and amplitudes makes this roller compactor perfect for a wide range of both soil and asphalt applications, from rolling sub-base to finish rolling.

Thanks to excellent manoeuvrability and a compact design, VMT 260-100/120 compaction rollers are also ideal for a wide range of workplaces, including yards, access roads, residential streets, car parks, roads, highways and airports.

Weighing 5379 to 6724lb (2440 to 3050kg) and powered by a Kubota 32hp (24.4kW) motor, the VMT 260-100/120 has an operating width of 39 - 47in (1000 - 1200mm) and generates centrifugal forces of 5845 to 10116lbf (26 to 45kN). There's an adjustable seat for comfort and productivity.

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