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Heavy Rentals is your #1 destination to rent all types of heavy construction equipment.  We have a nationwide reach through our partner network of big and small equipment rental companies spread throughout the United States.

Convenience, preferential pricing, satisfactory vendor service, round-the-clock customer service and access to a huge fleet at one place – these are some of the key benefits Heavy Rentals can offer you.

Anytime, Anywhere and Any Kind of Heavy Equipment

Our network spans across more than 6,500 locations; we service a great variety of customers ranging from those in residential and commercial to industrial and specialized services in all 50 states in the US.

Whether your estimated requirements happen to be small or big, simple or complex, stretch over few weeks or months, with Heavy Rentals, you need not spend countless hours finding, screening and evaluating vendors at various locations.

Finding the most suitable vendors does not have to be your job. It’s ours. Since we do the necessary legwork, you can just choose the equipment, talk to a prescreened vendor we match you with, and take a call on whether to rent a set of tools and machines or not. The process is systematic, consumes much less time and involves no confusion which you’d otherwise have to deal with while trying to find different vendors on your own.

If you need a particular type of heavy equipment's make or model, we probably have it available for rent. Our ready to rent equipment inventory consists of different types of heavy construction equipment, lifting machines, and practically all major makes and models. If you are looking for a forklift or a boom lift, for instance, we have you covered.

For any kind of heavy equipment required anytime and anywhere in the US, you can always count on Heavy Rentals. Our staff, partners and wide network of vendors will not let you down.

We Are Here to Bridge the Gaps for You

Having served hundreds of customers across the United States, we now fully understand that the decision to rent heavy equipment is not purely guided by price. It is just one of the many important parameters that you need to consider.

When the job at hand needs to be executed well, and in time bound manner, you’d want to be associated with a service provider that not only provides flexible equipment rentals but is also willing to walk the extra mile if the need arises.  This is where we can bridge the gaps for you.

Check out our rental equipment inventory listing; everything you may possibly need for an upcoming and an ongoing project is available here for you to pick and rent.

If you are on the lookout for short or long tern equipment rental, we can offer great value.

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