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Construction Equipment Rental in Cambridge,Maine

In the construction industry, one of the best ways to free up your company’s capital is to opt for a rental model for heavy construction equipment in Cambridge. Heavy machinery demands a big chunk of investment even if you buy the basic equipment, and needless to mention, routine upkeep can be very costly in case construction projects are not lined up at all times; idle machinery in itself is a cost you cannot ignore.

With construction equipment rental service in Cambridge, you only incur machinery expenses
when you rent them for an ongoing job. So, you are completely free from the ever growing costs of construction equipment ownership. The money you save here can be used for numerous other business expenses or for expansion.

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JCB Compaction Equipment VM 115D

VM 115D

The JCB VM 115D vibrating roller is a mid-size single drum soil compactor. It's nevertheless powerful and accurate, giving you quick, high quality results. It weighs 24,912lb (11,300kg), has a drum width of 82.7in (2100mm) and is powered by a highly efficient JCB Dieselmax 4.4 liter 130hp (97kW) (TIER3).

The VM 115D drum roller is built to perform, again and again and again. That means building it to last. It's an approach we've taken with all of our compaction rollers, with every sophisticated component built to perform and cost you less. Just take the single-piece eccentric shaft with overturning weights, which produces optimum performance and minimum maintenance.

In fact performance is so good that compaction is best in class on the JCB VM 115D vibrating roller. No wonder when you consider that standard equipment includes an Automatic Vibration Control, superb front-rear weight distribution, a switchable anti-slip system (SASS) and heavy-duty no-spin axles.

Compaction Performance
Maximum Engine Power
130hp (97kg) 
Operating Weight 24912lb (11300kg)
Overall Width 88.6" (2250kW)
Drum Width 82.7" (2100mm)

John Deere Backhoe Loader 310SK

Big productivity begins here.

Productivity is what the 310SK Backhoe is all about. The new standard five-speed transmission gets you moving faster with roads speeds up to 40 km/h (25 mph). Fuel savings features are front and center with auto idle, auto shutdown and economy mode all available only on the 310SK. It also boasts the new single-lever loader control with integrated electrohydraulic, proportional auxiliary control, and comes standard with JDLinkTM and Service ADVISORTM Remote. The 310SK also includes productivity enhancements such as our smooth-shifting five-speed transmission with Autoshift option. More efficient HVAC system. Convenient sealed-switch module with keyless start and machine-security system. Redesigned easier-to-clean cooling package. The 310SK gives you more comfort, more convenience, and more efficiency.


  • Interim Tier 4-emission certified engine
  • Autoshift option
  • Smooth-shifting five-speed transmission
  • Convenient sealed-switch module
Net Power 72 kW (96 hp) @ 2,000 rpm
Digging Depth 4.42 m (14 ft. 6 in.)
Loader Breakout Force 49.2 kN (11,051 lb.)
Loader Lifting Capacity 3335 kg (7,353 lb.)

John Deere Backhoe Loader 326E
A shining example of customer input.

The 326E was shaped by customers like you. They wanted more foot room, so we designed a flat floor with 25% more of it. They asked for easy hydraulic attachment, so we added connect-under-pressure auxiliary couplers. They liked our engine side shields but thought they could install more securely. We agreed and improved the design. They asked for automotive-style courtesy lighting, so now lights can be preset to stay on for up to a 90-second interval before shutting down after the operator exits the machine. Available with electrohydraulic (EH) controls only so you can switch to ISO, H-pattern, or foot pedal controls for operation with the push of a button. The 326's engine is certified to EPA Final Tier 4 emissions standards and features automatic cleaning without impacting machine operation in most conditions.

Emission Rating Tier 4
Engine Make / Engine Model Yanmar / 4TNV98CT
Net Power, kW (hp) @ Rated rpm 52.5 (70) @ 2500
Gross power, kW (hp) 54.8 (74)
Net peak torque, N-m (lb-ft) 280 (2007)
Displacement, L (cu in) 3.3 (203)
Engine aspiration Turbo. Intercooled
Fuel capacity, L (gal) 92 (24)
Standard pump flow, L/min (gpm) 80 (21)
Optional high flow, L/min (gpm) 110 (29)
System pressure, kPa (psi) 23787 (3450)
Hydraulic power, kW (hp) 31.402 (42.1)
Optional high flow hydraulic power, kW (hp) 43.178 (57.9)
SAE rated operating capacity, kg (lb) 1221 (2690)
SAE ROC with optional counterweight, kg (lb) 1289 (2840)
Tipping Load, standard, kg (lb) 2443 (5380)
Breakout Force Boom, kN (lb) 22.2 (5000)
Breakout Force Bucket, kN (lb) 34.4 (7750)
Vertical lift geometry Vertical


Maximum Ground Speed, standard, kph (mph) 10.5 (6.5)
Two Speed Transmission Ground Speed, kph (mph) 16.1 (10)
Drive Chain Rating 100
Axle Torque, Nm (lb-ft) 7725 (5680)
Tire size - Standard 12 x 16.5
Length with Bucket, mm (in) 3660 (144)
Length without Bucket, mm (in) 3050 (120)
Width without Bucket, mm (in) 1840 (72.6)
Height to ROPS, mm (in) 2120 (83.3)
Height to Hinge Pin, mm (in) 3180 (125.4)
Dump Height, mm (in) 2540 (99.9)
Dump Reach, mm (in) 840 (33)
Dump Angle, degrees 45
Bucket Rollback @ ground, degrees 35
Wheelbase, mm (in) 1230 (48.3)
Ground Clearance, mm (in) 250 (9.7)
Angle of Departure, degrees 26
SAE Operating weight, kg (lb) 3723 (8200)

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Save Hundreds on Your Rentals

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